Thursday, September 28, 2006

for Jim & Gilbert


Bugsy said...
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Bugsy said...

I just came across your Jim Pepper House while doing some research for my own work on Pepper's music. Whata wonderful addition to the small, but growing online world of Jim Pepper!

Please take a look at my (admittedly primitive) web site, also dedicated to Pepper. I'm now working on a series of interviews with musicians who worked with Pepper, as well as reviews of his recordings, and am looking for all the information and leads that I can find.

When I started my online Pepper advernture, just a few years ago, there was almost nothing available, which prompted me to start writing about him. then I started meeting a whole new generation of Pepper fans and Pepper-inspired musicians -- the legacy lives on!

You can find my site at pepperlives as well as some of my articles at and (just search for my name on those sites, as there are several articles at each site).

Thanks for your contribution -- please keep up the good work!

[What gave you the inspiration to start Jim Pepper House?)

- Bill Siegel

kirsten said...

I Am so pleased to have found this! Pepper was a friend of my mom. He and the band Russell Ferrante, David haskell, Ratzo, and Brent used to jam, record and compose in our living room. That's where Water was written. I had no idea that he had had a happy and productive end to his life and career. I thought that a few studio tapes and dusty albums were all that was left. I remember looking for eagle feathers on the beach with him and watching the last full solar eclipse. His music was such an important part of my childhood. He was an inspiring man. The photos took me right back. I hope that this comment doesn't get lost like the last one, I have never done this blog stuff. I just had a riff come through my head today and thuoght to google, glad I did. It's great to know that I can still find his music. Growing up in Southeast Alaska with Pepper's music was awesome, I'd like to share the music with my children. Thanks