Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Pepper Family's Gifts to the National Museum of the American Indian

Chief among the gifts dedicated to the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian by the family of Jim Pepper:
Jim's late-1950's vintage silver-plated Selmer balanced-action saxophone.
With this instrument, with his unique voice, with that rattle, wearing that embroidered hat, with the eagle feather attached, Jim Pepper bridged cultures and continents, paving the way for future generations of musicians.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,
Beautiful picture of the sax on stage! Hope all is well ... Dana sent me a bunch (like 1000!) of his photos from that weekend... and I want to send both him and you CDs with my photos if you let me know where to send them -- you should have my email address...)

By the way, the sax is actually late 1930s vintage, not late-50s (1938, to be exact, based on its serial number). Guess it came to earth a little early, waiting to fall into Jim's hands!

Greetings to Dana, and to all the Pepper family, especially Mother Floy. Please give her my regards.

Warmest regards,
Bill Siegel